April 2, 2024

Dahlias, the queen of summer

I can’t believe it is already August! Floral friends, time just won’t stand still. I had a busy spring season with events and floral design classes (hence, no blog posts). July and August can be quiet for floral designers since many couples prefer not to get married outside in the summer heat. For those couples that do decide to wed in the summer, when choosing flowers they often pick the “queen” flower, or the beautiful dahlia. Dahlias are some of the most intricate flowers that you will ever see. They sometimes have hundreds of petals all perfectly shaped. The are definitely a statement flower for bouquets and centerpieces. Many couples fall completely in love with them, especially the large Cafe au Lait variety. They are certainly a luxury flower but well worth the cost. If used sparingly they won’t break your budget; a good floral designer can tell you the most strategic use of this flower is always in the in bridal bouquet and any other design that will be heavily photographed. Imagine your guests gazing at these amazing blooms, at your winery or country club wedding. They come in all sizes and many, many colors from burgundy to the faintest creamy white. Dahlias pair very well with roses, lisianthus and delicate blooms such as freesia or sweet pea.  They are available until mid to late October, depending on the first frost. I will be using them in several fall weddings, so please stay tuned!! 


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