April 2, 2024

Valentine’s Day isn’t always red.


It’s good to talk with you again! By now the world is swimming in red roses. I love all shades of red (it is my favorite color family) but I actually like something different on V day. I recently held my first floral design class at Zazu boutique in Ashburn, VA.  We had a great time designing a Valentine’s Day centerpiece. We had One Hope Wines available to sample  and everyone had free time to shop for gifts at the boutique. The ladies were so excited to make a table centerpiece with fresh flowers. But guess what? I didn’t bring a single red flower to the event. Why you ask? Because it is expected. JR Flowers likes to be a bit different. We had yummy pinks, peach, white and fuchsia  flowers. All of the colors were amazing blended together. I didn’t even miss the red roses and neither did the guests. They all designed a gorgeous arrangement which they took home in an elegant gold vase.  Now don’t be fooled, we will certainly have plenty of red roses on Valentine’s Day.  JR Flowers is mainly a wedding florist, but we will do arrangements for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s ok to think out of the box with different colors sometimes. Clients appreciate the freshness of unique design and they enjoy coming back again and again to see what may be next. I enjoyed my first teaching experience and I look forward to the next one. Maybe you will join me in the next class? Stay tuned, friends…. All photos by Jess Lynn Photography. 

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